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Three Days at Firefly (Festival Documentary)

December 3, 2013root

Over the summer from June 27th through July 1st the town of Flagstaff, Arizona becomes a magical destination to many in the transformational music festival family. Another reason it was special to me besides the art, workshops, and music was being blessed with the opportunity to share my musical taste with the Firefly Family for my first performance at a festival.

The promotional video, unlike many out there, recaps all the days of Firefly with views from all over. Rene Rivas captured it in a beautiful way that makes you quiver and rise with emotions.

I’m finding it hard to express in words how amazing this festival is. Some of the best vibes and people around collect for this intimate gathering. With all kinds of workshops during the day and evening, and music from some of the most mind blowing producers and DJ’s by night. Walking around it just felt right…like taking a deep breath after the first rain. Refreshing, harmonious, welcoming, loving. If I were you, I would seriously consider joining the Firefly Family for 2014.

Find Firefly on their website or Facebook.




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