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Tipper – Fathoms EP

February 24, 2015Zac Krohn

While many might argue Tipper needs no introduction, we realize a few of you might be missing out on this master composer/sonic manipulator. (Dave) Tipper grew up and began his career in the UK and has been releasing music since ’97. Over the years his catalogue has spanned a variety of genres; from ambient to breakbeat to glitch hop. Never settling into a specific formula, he somehow manages to leave that signature touch that so many try to replicate but none quite touch. Dave is equally interested in exploring the boundaries of sound as much as composition, focusing heavily on his unique sound design. An influence to many producers and contributor to music production software, if you haven’t heard his tracks specifically you’ve surly heard his impact. After several EPs comprised of heavy polyrhythmic dance floor music, Tipper refocused on downtempo material, releasing the phenomenal full length Forward Escape in 2012.

Last Saturday, Dave posted album artwork for a new EP, Fathoms, without any additional information. Later that day it was announced it would come out on the 28th, only to make a stealthy appearance later Sunday evening. The EP continues with the downtempo trend from Forward Escape, taking the listener on an aquatic journey deep under the sea. While most good compositions have their own interpretations, the thematic elements of beauty, mystery and the eeriness of traveling unknown spaces are unmistakable. Even the titles of the tracks maintain the theme; “Sorus” relating to algae spores, “Ambergris” is produced in the stomach of whales and used as an ingredient in perfume, and “Deep Six”, a reference to a fathom being 6 feet under water. Highly cinematic, Fathoms paints pictures with sounds, washing you in layer upon layer of spine tingling textures while conjuring thoughts of chattering dolphins, chanting mermaids and whale songs. Tipper is known for creating cerebrally submissive experiences where sounds pan across your ears, massaging your brain. We highly recommend you put the headphones on for this one folks!

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