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TMSV Departs on Deep Space Mission With “Over Out” EP

June 27, 2016Peter Merritt

Dutch producer TMSV has been pushing the deep 160/170 bpm halftime bass music sound for years, from his epic self-released 1988 EP in 2014, to countless singles, remixes, and other releases on Artikal MusicRua Sound, and many others since then. His tunes are rinsed regularly by the heavy hitters of halftime, such as DJ MaddDanny Scrilla, Kromestar, and J: Kenzo, so it was only a matter of time before the main man himself, Om Unit, took notice and signed him to Cosmic Bridge. His debut release on the label, Over Out, was released this past Friday, and it’s easily some of his best work yet. The 4-track EP goes the distance as an exploration of the far corners of the bass music universe, and certainly lives up to the astronautical standards set by previous Cosmic Bridge releases.

In a world of uninspired, badly mixed EDM tunes, releases like Over Out are a refreshing change of pace. Thematically, the EP is dark, surreal, and resonant. TMSV draws influence from footwork, dubstep, jungle, autonomic halftime DnB, and most likely the writings of Stephen Hawking. The tracks are minimal, but the production quality is high, and the mixdowns are clean. His kicks punch through the mix, his claps are crisp, and the sub-bass is powerful and physically present. His sound is full, but never overwhelming. The instrumentation on tracks like “King David Riddim” is unique, with worldly percussion and whirling vocal chops that rocket the tune into a frenzied chaos of bliss. “Rolla” is, as you might imagine, a deep roller; a crescendo of energy that develops slowly over the course of its 5 minute journey. “Torpedo Riddim” employs the use of some icy grime synths over a shuffle-y jungle beat and is definitely the standout tune of the release, in my opinion. The title track of the release, “Over Out”, is an instant Cosmic Bridge classic: minimal, deep, flowing, high tempo bass music.

In my experience, it’s rare for a short EP of 4 tracks to truly feel like a cohesive release, but TMSV accomplished just that with Over Out. Each track is a piece of a larger puzzle, that, when combined, tell the story of a grand journey through time and space. The release feels more like an abbreviated full-length album than a quick four track masher. Make sure you keep your eye on TMSV in the coming months, as he’s been dropping tunes and radio rips on his Soundcloud with impressive consistency, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, I’d be willing to go as far as to say that TMSV is the most underrated producer in the high tempo autonomic bass music game, but that won’t last long, especially after this release. You can cop Over Out here, or stream it below.

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