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Top 10 Acts To See At Emissions Music Festival

May 12, 2015Mike Vincent

Emissions West Coast Bass Culture is this weekend, and we can hardly contain our excitement. While there are many people and things to interact with throughout the weekend, music unarguably takes center stage. With full PK and Void Acoustics rigs bumping for nearly 3 days straight (don’t forget about the beach stage!), your ears are surely in for a unique treat. A few of the staff here at Booms and Claps have put together a list of acts that one must not miss while attending the festival. This list is merely the tip of the iceberg:

1. Shlump– This dude has increasingly been on people’s must-see live lists over the past year and for extremely good reason. Shlump is the master at creating deep, dark, hard knocking gangster vibes. Not only is his production top notch, but his live sets will take your mind on one of craziest journeys it’s ever experienced. In a scene somewhat saturated with so many artists that sound almost identical to one another, Shlump is a massive breath of fresh air, and his performance is NOT one to miss this weekend.

2. Noer The Boy– Don’t let the name fool you, this Wisconsin based producer can drop some heat. If you’re into heavy, experimental, wonky beats be sure to check this guy out. You will definitely find the BnC crew at his set this weekend. We haven’t had the chance to catch him live yet, as this will be his West Coast debut, so let’s be sure to show him how we do on the best coast.

3. Tsuruda– Some producers like to confine themselves into a certain box and refrain from branching beyond that. Tsuruda doesn’t even know what a box looks like. From dubstep, to trap, to chilled out beats and beyond, he gives himself no restrictions whatsoever. Come out to Belden to see this LA beatsmith do his thing, he will not disappoint.

4. 6Blocc – Raoul Gonzalez AKA 6Blocc AKA R.A.W has been absolutely crushing the bass music scene since before I was born, sitting on top of the game in everything from dubstep to footwork to ragga f***ing jungle. His sets display an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music and over two decades of production and DJ’ing experience, as well as a range that is basically unheard of in the modern landscape of electronic music. This guy is just about as OG as it gets, and it would be a serious mistake to miss him throw down this weekend at Emissions.

5. LOSCO – It always impresses me to see groups of producers (even just 2) putting out cohesive, well-arranged music, so when I learned that Losco was made up of 4 kids from Belgium, I was blown away. Their tunes have an extremely distinct style: percussion-heavy, swung/unquantizated rhythms, quick vocal chops, and huge 808’s. This will be their first trip to the States, and definitely their first show on the West Coast, so it’s safe to say we’re in for a treat.

6. BOATS – I came across BOATS quite some time ago as I was delving through the depths of Soundcloud, and was immediately elated to have found such a phenomenal producer so early in his career. Since then, he’s had a major release on one of my favorite record labels in the world, Saturate Records, and I’ve seen him throw down on multiple occasions, and I’m happy to say that I stand by my original judgement. BOATS’ originality and unique take on bass music make him stand out in a scene full of stock West Coast bass music producers that come a dime a dozen. If I had one word to describe BOATS, it would undoubtedly be “refreshing”.

7. LOST CITY – Lost City (Noah D and No Thing) represents the future of jungle music, not just in the United States, but all over the world. The days of “JUNGLE AND ONLY JUNGLE” are over, just in the same way genre lines are being blurred across the board in electronic music. Lost City blends elements of classic jungle, trap, drum and bass, dub, dancehall, and reggae to create a unique style that emphasizes sounds of the past, present, and future, in a completely original context. Just to sweeten the deal, I’ve personally seen them twice in the past year, and can confirm that they are complete madmen behind the decks.

8. EASTGHOST– EASTGHOST has been a favorite for a while now. His latest album Omniscient, They, compiled of all kinds of feels from light to dark has launched him on the radar of many folks. Personally one of my favorite Portland producers for the depths of the music he puts into his sets. A perfect blend of originals and bangers makes it a prime experience.

9. Quarry– With Emissions being the starting-off point for a tour with EASTGHOST, Quarry has been in the game for a while now. Being the boss man of STYLSS, and a member of Red Bull Sound Select, he’s not a person to miss. Not to mention Quarry will be playing an all-original live set with many never heard before tracks.

10. Tiger Fresh– Currently residing in the Bay Area, Tiger Fresh knows how to get a dance floor moving in every way. No one can get on the hood-rich level quite like Tiger Fresh can. Slapping 808’s and a grinding bass lines… What’s not to love?

Hope to see you all there!

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Photo Credit: Kenny Hoff


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