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Tropical Futurism with Liquid Rockz – Gringo

February 11, 2015Ben Carvalho

Germany’s Liquid Rockz acts as a psychedelic wormhole between disparate musical dimensions. On their newest release, Gringo, the traditional sounds of South American music are sucked through their vortex and emerge as trippy club music. Much like Clap! Clap! has done with the music of Africa, Liquid Rockz manage to make bass music that appreciates rather than appropriates, and stays true to the spirit and energy of the source material.

This music has special meaning to me as I grew up listening to South American music, and tracks like “Zylt”, “Jalli” and “Sang” fuse this nostalgia with my current taste in such a way that they’re ensured a long life on my speakers.

Gringo is available as a free download from Liquid Rockz’s bandcamp here.

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