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Urple Eeple – Lost in Motion

April 18, 2016Zac Krohn

Just in time to kick off those early summer vibes, Oakland’s Urple Eeple released his sophomore EP, Lost in Motion. Full of shiny synths, the aptly named EP gives the listener a feeling of cruising through a virtual worlds. Lost in Motion is influenced by artists such as Flume and 20syl, the sounds of the 80s, and a love for computer generated sound. As a founding member of Chillage Records, you can also expect a good deal of glitchy influence and a touch of the Crunksauce to balance things out.

Urple Eeple, real name Peter Farr, is also the founder of PrismaPhonic Mastering, who have mastered many releases from prominent Bay Area artists (and both Booms and Claps compilations). In this release Peter let his inner audio nerd shine with incredibly clean results — both in sound design and mixing. In fact, much of the warm and rich sound was created with the help of tools intended for mastering purposes. It’s worth noting in addition to everything else, Peter also created the album art for the release after recently teaching himself the 3D program Blender.

To top it off, a stellar cast of remixers, Sweatson Klank, Pixelord, Dakat, and Conrad Clifton round things out with their reinterpretations of Urple’s tracks.

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