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Urple Eeple’s “Morning After” out on Waxhole Records

June 12, 2014Mike Vincent

Our friends at the Waxhole got together with our good friend Urple Eeple to release a smooth and sexy free track. “Morning After” showcases everything we love about Urple Eeple’s production: masterclass sound design, inventive rhythms, lush melodies, along with a tasteful caress of weirdness. We’re loving those snaps especially. Play this track and close your eyes; imagine yourself during sunrise in the most epic, comfortable throne composed of clouds. You’re gliding silently and effortlessly across the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen. All you feel is the fresh morning air, and the sun on your face as it peeks over the hillside. Those kind of vibes we like. This is as deep and as sexy as it gets folks.

Don’t sleep on Urple Eeple, few producers are as knowledgeable both about engineering and music theory. Pick up the free tune here.

-Mike and Ben

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