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Walton Bulldozes All Soundboys with Flute Riddim

July 13, 2015Ben Carvalho

There are few artists who manage the level of consistent quality Walton has demonstrated over his career. Whether it’s his 2011 EP on Hyperdub, his 2013 LP on the same label or the couple of UK bass bangers on he dropped with Keysound (Homage and Cool It VIP), every piece of this man’s catalog is a must-own. Walton’s new EP on Pinch‘s venerable Tectonic Recordings is no different.

Abandoning the vocals and melodic pretenses of his previous work, Walton here has doubled-down on Tectonic’s hallmark combination of undulating low end and neck-snap percussion. “Wrench” perfect example of this vision, using a lovely little hi hat roll into a delayed kick to create an undeniable swing within its sparse structure. The following track, “Flute Riddim”, is sure to be the dance floor favorite; its aforementioned flute and Untold-worthy sub deviations are begging for a rewind or three. “Bulldoze” itself is a tightly pressured track, using its heaving halftime beat to maximize the efficacy of its eventual switch to 4×4. Walton closes the proceedings with the icy melodies and pitched-down vocal chops of “L.E.A.N.” Don’t sleep on Walton, this release is solid and he’s got that massive Wen/Riko Dan remix coming down the pipe next.

Be sure to cop all Tectonic’s releases from their own site, it’s cheaper and the money goes straight to the people who deserve it.

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