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What The Festival Drops 2016 Lineup, Social Media Hysteria Ensues

February 17, 2016Peter Merritt

The rainy days in our beloved Pacific Northwest are becoming fewer and farther between, which, as we all know, means festival season is quickly approaching. Around this time every year, we start to see some early festival lineups popping up here and there, and today, we were blessed with a peek at the goods from one of our absolute favorite parties, What The Festival, just a few miles east of Portland, OR. With a shoutout to early trip-hop vibes in the headliner category with Thievery Corporation and Bonobo, as well as some more contemporary favorites such as Djemba DjembaG JonesShadesSam BingaTennysonThe Gaslamp KillerEkali, and a few local Portland dons that come correct every time: BarisonePRSNDanny CornGangsigns, and Benny Rox, What the Festival not only meets, but exceeds the standard they’ve set for themselves over the past several years. This will mark the Booms and Claps squad’s fifth year at WTF, and we don’t plan on missing it anytime soon. See you all on the Ranch, and make sure you check out the phenomenal lineup announcement video and flier below.

Most importantly, don’t forget to grab your tickets HERE!




Thank you Daniel Zetterstrom for the beautiful shot!

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