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Yamaneko – Pixel Wave Embrace LP – Aquatic Grime

November 24, 2014Ben Carvalho

Nothing gets my nostalgia flowing like water level soundtracks. As the new age serenity of “Dire, Dire Docks” and “Aquatic Ambiance” laid the groundwork for all my future electronic dalliances, it’s no surprise the subaquatic soundscapes of Yamaneko take me somewhere special. Taking inspiration from new age- and meditation tapes as much as from grime, Yamaneko’s debut Pixel Wave Embrace album on Local Action is a wet and colorful dive into a fully-realized, undersea wonderland.

The music box ambiance of “Primrose Island” and low end shenanigans of “Calotype Process” are good examples of the diverse-yet-cohesive sounds contained within Pixel Wave Embrace. The refrain from the standout track, “Noises In The Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea (feat. Rimplton)”, has been stuck in my head all month and I hope it never leaves. Other high notes that aren’t available to stream are “Fragrence Transmission” and “Seabrooke Rise”.

You can purchase Pixel Wave Embrace now via Local Action’s bandcamp.

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Also, check out Yamaneko’s two glorious Pixel mixes:

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