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Yheti- Still Wet From Last Night EP

January 15, 2014Peter Merritt

Yheti has been one of our favorites here at Booms and Claps for quite some time now. Hailing from Dayton, OH, Yheti originally caught the eye of many in the West Coast bass scene with his remixes for Bay Area powerhouses such as G Jones, Taso, and Trevor Kelly and releases on Bleep Bloop‘s 710 Records. Since then, he has solidified himself as a hip-hop influenced bass music master with a multitude of releases that exemplify his unique and original style of psychedelic “third-eye” beats that many of you have probably heard consistently on dance floors all over the country.

The five track “Still Wet From Last Night” EP impressively holds the sound that we have come to expect from Yheti, while also bringing something new to the table and keeping it fresh. The first track on the EP, “Now Is the Future” is a minute-long spoken word piece that is every bit as trippy as his music is, and gives us a verbal look inside the brain of a producer that may be very mysterious to some. Although all the tracks on the EP deserve recognition, my personal favorite on the EP is “Rise Seven Levels”, which has been eagerly anticipated by Yheti fans since it was heard on his “Melted States” Mix. Interestingly, the final track on the EP, “Into the Future”, features Yheti’s little brother, who goes by the alias “Toadface.” They have released several tracks together, and are planning to release an EP in the coming months. Seeing siblings work closely together provides an interesting dynamic that can definitely be felt in their production.

“Still Wet From Last Night” is available for free download on Bandcamp (embedded below), as is most of Yheti’s Music. You can also access many of his tracks on his Soundcloud, including the track “Fresh” from the new EP.

 Yheti on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter

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