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YuYu – One

April 17, 2014Zac Krohn

With the rising popularity of electronic music, it seems like everyone is struggling to find a way to make their sound stand out. Some artists are incorporating live instrumentation in attempts to bridge the gap between computer generated music and opening up some really interesting possibilities. One such act is YuYu, a collaboration between Colorado producers Omega and Cualli. YuYu has really achieved a sound that is unique yet familiar in all the right ways, influenced by reggae, rock, and world music, it is still right up the alley of mid-tempo dance music fans. YuYu first grabbed my attention last summer, when I caught part of their set at Sonic Bloom. There was some seriously high energy on the dance floor and the pair were on stage rocking out on drum pads and guitar. It was one of the major highlights of the festival for me and I have been anxiously awaiting recorded music. Finally the wait is over! Last week YuYu released their debut album, One. One shows the incredible diversity of the band, weaving funky rock with glitchy bass  music and chill island vibes. These are some warm summer jams that will make you want to wiggle!

One thing that really intrigues me about this project is how notably different it is from both producer’s solo material. Omega usually produces hard hitting dubstep with monster bass lines and intricately programmed drum patterns. Cualli, on the other hand, has a more psychedelic approach, playing soothing guitar solos over introspective soundscapes. When they come together, you can still hear their individual talents, but totally repurposed for a new sound. This one is highly recommended to everyone who loves funky music with positive vibes!

One is currently available on Addictech 

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