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ZEKE BEATS Overheated My Reactor With His Meltdown EP

April 15, 2016Ben Carvalho

Australia’s ZEKE BEATS is no stranger to us, as part of our inaugural BnC Mix, his turntablism and blistering beats set a high bar for all mixes to follow. Now that our hipster credentials are shored up (we heard him first you plebs!), I can say that ZEKE’s newest on Terrorhythm is a vicious piece of work. There’s a delicate balance to producing synth-heavy bass music, it’s easy to be cheesy and there’s a thin line between Low End Theory and Life in Color. Plenty of EPROM and NastyNasty sound-alikes populate the ungroomed nether regions of Soundcloud, lacking the production acumen and creativity to make the sound their own. The Meltdown EP excels here, with bristling mixdowns and progression that set ZEKE’s beats apart from the crowd.

You can snag the Meltdown EP now via Bandcamp.

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