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Zeke Beats – Pay Attention EP

October 31, 2014Ben Carvalho

Australian producer Zeke Beats is poised to become a household name in the bass music world (are there a lot of households that listen to bass music? I’ve caught my toddler son humming the melody of “Mechanical” so I’ll say yes). Equipped with stupidly large beats and mad turntable skills, he’s been impressing our faces off ever since his BnC-exclusive remix of “Phantom” this summer. Just last week we were lucky enough to play host to Zeke and Saturate Records boss Bios, dropping a huge mix in promotion of their Pay Attention EP. You might say we’re biased from these exclusives, but trust me the hype on this man is justified.

When I first heard Zeke Beats’s “Co-motion” I just laughed, not in derision, but in awe of the insane weight of the drop and the deranged progression that followed. This is a rare occurrence, as the last time a track had that effect on me was Eprom‘s “Beasts of Babylon“. The Eprom comparison doesn’t stop there either, as Eprom and Zeke are friends IRL; you can see the impact of that friendship anywhere from the wet acid lines that flow through “Co-motion”, to the aggressive texture-fuck that comprises the final minute of “Jaded”. Zeke lets this influence flow through the EP naturally, paying homage to Eprom’s 2010 sounds while pushing into territory wholly his own.

Our consensus favorite off the release is the aforementioned “Co-motion”, with its ominous stabs, plinking breakdown and mental second drop, along with Ethan Glass‘s remix, which focuses on those delightful stabs and takes the ominous-meter to 11 (if you’re a blogger and don’t have an ominous meter I can’t take you seriously). The title track “Pay Attention” is perhaps the most intense experience here, sure to cause pulsees to quicken and limbs to flailin the dance. Other highlights include the excellent “Lazer Wash” with Subp Yao and the Ta-ku remix, the stutter-step melody of “Mechanical” and its remixes, and the amazing 8-bit breakdown of “Danger”.

You can snag all 13 tracks below for free, and also pre-order a super-limited 7″ vinyl with “Danger” and “Lazer Wash”.

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